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Always worth the time

I always look FOEward to the information and am especially pleased when I see this podcast pop up. The research is thorough and the presentation cogent Well done! I find it amusing that people don’t like to be reminded to have ethical standards. I can’t listen to phone interviews because the audio is so abrasive although the content is interesting.

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One of the best…

I listen to lots of true crime, and this is one of the best podcasts out there. Period! Don’t let the weird negative reviews sway you. Give Kevin and Aine a listen and decide for yourselves. They are smart, balanced and, importantly, compassionate to victims and their families.

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Grew to love this podcast, the hosts, and their integrity

I’ll be honest, I listened to a MS episode or two a couple of years ago and I wasn’t immediately hooked. HOWEVER, I have grown to really love this podcast and its hosts and I appreciate the integrity they bring to the true crime space immensely. They are thoughtful and thorough and I, for one, am so glad they have risked being vulnerable and allowed themselves to show a bit more of their personalities and their relationship. I trust the content they put out regarding their on the ground work with the Delphi and burger chef cases and appreciate that they also pepper in other cases, many of which are lesser known and deserving of more spotlight. Keep up the great work, guys!