The Cheat Sheet: Deceit and Defamation
Murder SheetJune 07, 2024
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The Cheat Sheet: Deceit and Defamation

The Cheat Sheet is The Murder Sheet's segment breaking down weekly news and updates in some of the murder cases we cover.

In this episode of The Cheat Sheet, we will talk about several cases, including major Long Island Serial Killer revelations, the disappearance of Cherrie Mahan, dropped charges in Minnesota, and a defamation case that Central Park 5 prosecutor Linda Faistein brought against Netflix.

Read the new indictments against accused Long Island Serial Killer Rex Heuermann here at NBC New York:

The Associated Press's coverage of Trooper Ryan Londregan's killing of Ricky Cobb II:

USA Today's coverage of the recent developments in the Cherrie Mahan case:

KDKA-TV's coverage of the Cherrie Mahan case

KDKA-TV's previous coverage of the Cherrie Mahan disappearance:

Deadline's coverage of Linda Fairstein's case against Netflix:

Puck's coverage of Linda Fairstein's case against Netflix:

WLKY's coverage of the "cereal offender":

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