The Cheat Sheet: Ghosts and Gunshots
Murder SheetMarch 22, 2024
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The Cheat Sheet: Ghosts and Gunshots

The Cheat Sheet is The Murder Sheet's segment breaking down weekly news and updates in some of the murder cases we cover.

This episode of The Cheat Sheet will cover cases in Ohio, Michigan, California, and Oregon.

The Muskingum Prosecutor's Office on the guilty plea of Deborah L. Frazier in the murder of Thomas Waddell:

Zanesville Times Recorder (

Fox News's coverage of the Frazier case:

WKBN's coverage of the Frazier case:

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office on the arrest of Chelsea Renee Duperon in the death of her daughter: 

WXYZ's coverage of the homicide of Lyla Cassel:

The New York Times's coverage of the case of Samuel Pasillas and Juan Manuel Cebreros in California:

CBS's coverage of the conviction of Robert Plympton in the 1980 murder of Barbara Mae Tucker:

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