The Cheat Sheet: Mayors and Mayhem
Murder SheetMay 31, 2024
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The Cheat Sheet: Mayors and Mayhem

The Cheat Sheet is The Murder Sheet's segment breaking down weekly news and updates in some of the murder cases we cover.

In this episode of The Cheat Sheet, we will talk about several cases, including a few revenge-related incidents.

Read Alice and Brett's excellent opinion piece on true crime here:

A press release from the Michigan Department of Attorney General on the charges against Detective Sergeant Brian Keely:

A statement from Michigan State Police Director Colonel James F. Grady II on the death of Samuel Sterling:

An article from the Detroit Free Press on the death of Sterling:

Coverage from Target 8 including expert analysis on Keely's chase of Sterling:

Coverage from the Topeka Capital Journal on the recent assault of Yanez Sanford:

Coverage from the Topeka Capital Journal on the rape and murder of Camrah Trotter, her unborn baby, and her boyfriend Dominique Ray, as well as the acquittal of Yanez Sanford:

NBC's coverage of the murder charges against former Centerville, South Dakota mayor Jay Ostrem:

We also accessed articles from the Rapid City Journal, the Casper Star-Tribune, the Billings Gazette, and the Associated Press on Ostrem's background from

KELO-TV's coverage of the suspicious death of Dana Adamson:

USA Today's coverage of the murders of Paul and Zach Frankus and Timothy Richmond:

WTTW's coverage of the exoneration of Darien Harris:

The Associated Press's coverage of the exoneration of Darien Harris:

The FBI's page on missing person Richard Petrone:

The FBI's page on missing person Danielle Imbo:

ABC 7 Chicago's coverage of the Petrone-Imbo disappearance:

The FBI's 2009 statement on the Petrone-Imbo case:,vehicle%20have%20ever%20been%20located.

NBC Philadelphia's coverage of the Petrone-Imbo disappearance:

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Stories are at the heart of true crime, whether the spotlight centers on a detective solving a murder case, an attorney making a winning argument in court, or a wife healing from the revelation that her beloved husband is a sexual predator. 

We believe if you love the immersive, in-depth reporting that the best true crime stories bring, you’ll also love the new podcast You Probably Think This Story's About You. What if the person you thought was your soulmate never really existed?

That’s what kicked off this podcast, which sees host Brittani Ard digging into the shattered ruins of what was supposed to be her ultimate love story. A man named Kanon stole her heart. Only, the person Kanon pretended to be was quite different from reality. 

That’s where we begin with You Probably Think This Story's About You. But the real story comes through Britt’s quest for answers. As she digs into Kanon’s dark, twisted history, she meets other women who he lied to and strung along. She starts to see the patterns — the lie about his wife who died by suicide, the lie about his wife struggling with drugs, the shimmering web of lies crafted to deceive and harm women, to make him sound as sympathetic as possible. 

This podcast will immerse you in Britt’s journey. In speaking with other victims of Kanon’s lies, she begins to dig into why she was susceptible to his charms. You will feel like you’re there along with her as she unpacks these deceptions and forges connections to the other women she meets along the way. Ultimately, this is a great story because it is not just about lies and predation and heartbreak. It’s about self-discovery. It’s about sisterhood. And it’s about the truth. 

We think that in our truth-starved, dating-app-driven world, You Probably Think This Story's About You is a must-listen for anyone trying to balance love and trust with guardedness and skepticism. Britt’s story is as relatable as it is remarkable, and it’s one that we think you’ll find compelling. 

Listen and follow You Probably Think This Story’s About You wherever you listen to podcasts.


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