The Cheat Sheet: Catfishing and Conspiracies
Murder SheetNovember 23, 2023
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The Cheat Sheet: Catfishing and Conspiracies

The Cheat Sheet is The Murder Sheet's segment breaking down weekly news and updates in some of the murder cases we cover.

This episode covers the Delphi murders, the case of alleged online predator Benjamin Rollo and its parallels to the case of Kegan Kline, the murder of Kaylah Farmer, a recent spate of suicides involving the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, the murder of Dan Markel, and the murder of Jared Bridegan.

Fox 59's report on Judge Frances Gull's recent health issues:

Check out Justice Served Daily's Youtube channel:

Our interview with Beth Jackson of the National Children's Advocacy Center about how parents and guardians can speak to their children about online predators:

Our interview with the Catfish Cops about online predators:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Crime Data Explorer:

from the site of Danielle Rousseau, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Boston University:,population%20(McAward%2C%202022

USA Today on a recent study of law enforcement suicides:

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