The Delphi Murders: Questions and Answers for February 2024
Murder SheetFebruary 29, 2024
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The Delphi Murders: Questions and Answers for February 2024

In this episode we discuss some of the questions we've gotten on the Delphi case-- including the issue of when the bullet was discovered and the the latest in the cases of Mitchell Westerman and Kegan Kline.

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The world is a complicated place and troubling issues often echo throughout history — that’s something we know all too well from reporting on various crimes. But oftentimes it’s really helpful to engage with a show that can take you back in time, to unspool the pressing issues of our time a

How did we get here? That’s the central question of NPR’s Throughline. This is a show we both love to listen to as history buffs,, because of the way it contextualizes important stories. You know The Murder Sheet is all about that, whether we’re talking about the firestorm of victim-blaming over the murder of Roseann Quinn or the longstanding rumor about poison-happy waiters in early 20th century Chicago. If you like coverage like that, you’ll love NPR’s Throughline. 

NPR’s Throughline tackles some of the most pressing issues of the day. But it goes in depth. It’s multi-faceted. It’s fair and sharp and unafraid of delving into messiness and nuance. We loved their recent episode that gets all into the history of public defenders in the United States. It’s such engaging storytelling, and you come away really understanding so many of the current pitfalls of our legal system, how Sixth Amendment rights weren’t always defended, as well as the background of how crusading attorneys helped shape our system to become more quitale. 

They also did an incredible episode on the association of Grenada’s Prime Minister and his Cabinet, focusing on the quest of one widow who sought to expose her husband’s killers. They’ve also covered topics we love, like Abraham Lincoln’s politicking, the true history of Halloween, and one 1930s Oklahoma bank robber’s impact on Second Amendment rights. 

In today’s internet age, we’re constantly bombarded with hot takes and outright misinformation. NPR’s Throughline is a show we trust for in-depth research and cogent, thoughtful opinions. It’s a show where we go to learn even more about history, to find out all about the all-to-human tales that continue to shape our world today. 

Go back in time. Learn something knew. Emerge more knowledgeable about today’s headlines. Listen now to Throughline from NPR — wherever you get your podcasts.

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